Herastrau Park


The Herastrau Park was arranged between 1936 and 1939, in the north part of Bucharest, on the spot of a marshy area. Even in 1806, the elegant people of Bucharest used to go for a walk on the strands of the Herastrau lake.

The lake, spreading over a surface of 77 ha, continues to be the main attraction of the Park, where sailing sports can be practiced, and during summer on can make tours on the little ship. Also, inside the Park there is the Village Museum and the Elisabeth Palace, as well as an amusement park for children, a wharf for little ships and boats, sport lands and centers, “ExpoFlora”, and many restaurants.

The arrangement of the largest park of Bucharest was designed by the architects Pinard and Rebhun, and the alleys were designed by the architect Octav Dobrescu.